What is your novelty?

This is a common question from a great teacher. of course! Is that easy to find such a great novelty?

What people do to get novelty generally is not only by following other works, but to find their own idea. The idea can arise from literature study, but will be deepen by doing our own experiment in our bench. Yes, in my feeling, it needs experience.

You need your thema, you need your imagination, decide experiment, work harder and harder,…then you will find a better idea,..which can be a better novelty. But, during this process to find your best candidate, it can be time consuming.

The candidate can be achieved by screening and utilized high throughput screening technic, such as screening for a regulatory gene/protein by microarray, MS analysis, combination work with IP/pull-down analysis (depend on which level we want to search: DNA, mRNA, protein); siRNA screening for finding candidate receptor, interacting protein etc.; making mutant; using DNA library…  It is complicated and time consuming. And the one I am doing here is making monoclonal antibody. And this is not just a screening. This is screening inside screening process and so exhausting. Yup. But those are what people do here.

And back again with the question, what is your novelty?

Anyway,..working as doctoral student need not only imagination and ideas, I also need to be focus, because I only have 3 years to complete everything. This is hard. Quite hard. Now, in the beginning of my 3rd year of PhD program, I started to be down to earth, making an achievable model, more focus, study more, work less,…ahaha…being happy and enjoy family time…Tawakkal to Allah, ask prayers from parents…

What will be your novelty? You decide! I, get my own idea 😉




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