Give up with Cancer Chemoprevention

Sometimes I was proud to do research in cancer chemoprevention. Cancer chemoprevention is not new stuff, but at least with several molecular mechanisms that we search, also some combination with anticancer agent, we expect new hope for the future of potential chemopreventive agents. When I was asked by other people, “what are you studying (research) about?” Reluctantly I answered “about cancer”. They’re usually surprised (it seems that they’re screaming “wooowww!!!”).

One day, I had my little cousin suffered from intestinal cancer. Then she passed away. I did not do anything. Another day, I had my another cousin suffered from cancer too. He fall from his motorbike. It cause severe wound inside, but he neglected it. We just knew the cancer after he’s dying. He never told anyone about his illness. I visited him in the hospital someday. Then my aunt said that I am an expert in cancer, but what can I do? I just felt very bad and sad. I was just student. And he passed away. Today, my auntie (another aunt) also died of cancer. It makes me feel worse. I know that cancer chemoprevention is my past. But, do you know how bad is my feeling?

I work in Indonesian Institute of Sciences now. Research center for biotechnology. I study about pharmaceutical biotechnology, especially recombinant protein. It’s free me from responsibility to cure cancerous patient, to help them survive, while I am not doing anything. I feel better now if someone ask me the same question: “what are you studying about?”, I will answer proudly “recombinant protein”. However, one day I hope that God will give me strength to help cancer patient to prolong their life.



  1. hidayat

    1/6 of cancers are of microbial origin. Chemopreventives agents are not cancer cures, they prevent cancer. Mungkin ada hikmat pada kebiasaan orang tua-tua kita makan jamu. Setiap penyakit ada obatnya, itu janji Allah.

    What are the effects on the GMO genome after genetic transformation?

    • sebagian besar kanker disebabkan infeksi virus yang dapat menyebabkan stable infection dan diwariskan secara turun-temurun saat proliferasi sel. kl bakteri yg menyebabkan kanker..hmm..kurang tahu saya,bagaimana prosesnya ya?
      setelah transformasi, efek dari dna rekombinan, tergantung dari gen apa yang disisipkan…

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