Good Students Come from Good Mentors: My 2 best Mentors

I am extremely happy to be a very lucky student to have good mentors (in another words I would like to say yes I am a good student, but I am just a product of my good mentors).

My top rank mentor is Prof. Kawaichi Masashi, from Biological Sciences Dept., Nara Institute of Sciences and Technology (NAIST), Japan. He is very nice professor. One day he said: ” Your research is going well if you have good supervisor” and that he was. He taught me how to be a good researcher.

1) To believe no one except ourselves.
I mean that to do a good research we must know every step we do. To assure what we do, we must know every thing we make. Especially for the reagents, the machines we used, utilities, etc. That is very important thing. One day he said that he does not like to use public facilities. Public means nobody care. Do you think so? He also asked me:”do you know what is the soul of samurai?” “that is his sword”; he replied by himself. “and do you know what is the soul of molecular biologist? the pipettes!” So, take care of your pipettes.

2) To believe that our brain (and also hands) are better than any machines
There are a lot of software that are offered in making or analyzing something. For example, program for primer design, program to analyze cell cycle profiles, etc. Computer or calculator is just machine, it means “garbage in garbage out”. Without our brain, they are useless. Do not depend on them. Do not depend on the softwares. We need to know the basic principals of the program, how to design a primer or how to analyze cell cycle progression profile.

3) To work harder and harder
I do remember what he said: “You must work harder and harder. That is experiment!”
And then I was shock after he said so. In my opinion, first of all, he think that I am just like other master students. But, somehow, he realize that I was seriously doing my experiment so that he pushed me up. I was so surprised when he asked me to work much harder to make a paper, and also to make a good last presentation. I was trying Sensei, but I was exhausted. My spirit decreased time by time. I am so sorry.

There were a lot of precious moments with you Sensei. I hope I can catch the big fish in the field of sciences soon. Doumo arigatou gozaimashita.

The second best mentor is Prof. Edy Meiyanto, from Faculty of Pharmacy, Gadjah Mada University (Cancer Chemoprevention Research Center/ CCRC). If Prof. Kawaichi thought me the substances of doing research, he taught me more completely about the competences that should be mastered by researcher. For examples, how to make a good proposals, power point presentation, report, and also paper.

When joined with CCRC at 2007-2008, he gave me so many tasks to do. To do researches, assist undergraduate students to do their researches, take part in up dating our blog (, the initiation of, committee of some seminars, etc. At the same time, I was also a master student. I passed the deadly busy days! The CCRC is the real incubator for students so that the alumni become so talented and taft in their true work life.

Thank you Prof. Edy for sharing many things with me: sciences, knowledge, experiences, and also money. I promise you that I will be wiser soon.



  1. yonapratiwi

    Aku suka bagian ‘take care of your pipettes’. Tampaknya simpel, tapi kalau salah pipetting bisa gawat. (*masih belajar dan latihan ‘mipet yang benar).

    Btw, aku suka blog mb Sep. Bakal sering maen ke sini ni.. Update terus yaah ^^

  2. hehe, makasih banyak, bakal di up date klo pas lg rajin aja, šŸ™‚

  3. muthi

    Xepti!!! ak baru googling tahu-tahu nyasar ke blog xepti…nice post, xept!!!
    salam u fatih dan keluarga ya

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